User Fees

Are There Any Fees Involved With Using The Access Program?

Yes, there is a yearly user fee for each party. Each party is required to pay his or her own fee, unless ordered otherwise by the court. Clients with a yearly income greater than $15,000 are required to pay $100 per year. Clients who are on UI are required to pay $50 per year. Clients who are on social assistance or ODSP are required to pay $25 per year. Fees will be waived for those who live in shelters.

Also, upon applying to the program each party is required to pay a one-time processing fee of $25, which they should bring to the intake interview.

How often do I need to pay the user fee?

The yearly user fee is due once you are accepted into the program and must be paid before the first supervised visit or exchange. After that, the yearly user fee must be paid on or before 15th of December of each year you use the program.

Who is responsible for the payment of user fees to the program?

Each party must pay his or her own user fee unless the court orders otherwise or unless both parties have agreed in writing that one party will pay for both.

What if I have no income and my common-law partner supports me financially?

Your fees will be determined based on the total income of your family.

What if I cannot afford to pay the user fee?

Submit your request in writing to the attention of the Program Director and your situation will be reviewed.

Am I entitled to a refund If I decide not to use the program?

No, if we refuse the case, a refund shall be provided. However, if the client refuses to use the service a refund shall not be provided

Report Fees

Are there any fees required for requesting observation reports?

Yes, there is a $50 administration fee plus the cost of photocopying which is $1 per observation form. – this will be different once our policy is changed.

How can I obtain copies of the observation reports?

Submit your request in writing and allow two weeks for us to prepare the documents. Once they are ready, you must make arrangements to pick up the reports from our main office.

Can my friend or relative who attended my visits request copies of the observation reports?

No, only parties involved with our program, such as legal counsels, the courts, the police, the OCL, and the CAS can receive copies of observation reports.

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